A Custom Modular Trade Show Booth Design Company

Do you need a trade show booth that stands out above the rest? Do you want your trade show display to be remembered as that booth that nobody forgets? That is the name of the game in the trade show business and Expo Design Pro is the ultimate source for your next trade show experience. Our patented modular trade show booth design structure allows for custom walls to be hung and floors to be laid into place giving your next booth a showroom feel. Watch the video above to experience some amazing examples of how your next booth could look.

We can provide you with the info you need so you can build your own custom walls and floors or we can build them for you and ship them along with the modular trade show booth frame.

If you would like to see how we can help you with your next trade show, give us a call at 281.337.7655

Modular Trade Show Booth